RUFFI RENT A CAR called hercinafter the Lessor hereby rents the vehicle identified overleaf to the Renter or to the party mutually responsible with the Renter whose signature (s) appear on the reverse side of the agreement. The Renter accepts and undertakes the obligation to comply with the resolutions provided with in the Rental agreement.

The Renter shall pay all the charges listed on the first page of the Rental agreement or mentioned on the Lessor’s valid tariff list. Overdue payment shall be calculated according to the interest for default rate officially published in the Monitor Polski.

Renting of the car is done in 24 hour time units and begins at the moment of starting of the agreement. Prolonging of the rental for 1 hour enforces a full payment for the next time unit, a client to pay for next day. The vehicle being rented to the Renter is in good technical condition and free from any defects. The vehicle is equipped with five undamaged wheels. In case of any the damage in the time of renting, the Renter should replace whole wheel at his/her own expense. The replaced wheel must be the same in parameters as the damaged one. All complaints concerning the technical condition of the car should be reported to the Lessor at the moment of renting. Renter is obliged to return the vehicle to the Lessor together with all the documents. The vehicle must be returned in the same conditions as at the moment of renting, at the time and place stated in the Rental agreement. The Lessor reserves the right to take back the car immediately from the Renter at the Renter’s expense in case of starting that the vehicle is being used in the way wchich violates the conditions of the Rental agreement.

The rented vehicle may not be used:
  • by a person other the Renter, in case the person had not been accepted by the Lessor, by placing his/her Name in the appropriate place on the first page of the Rental agreement. (The person must have a valid driving license issued at least one year before the rental);
  • if the Renter other driver is under the influence of alcohol, medicines causing hallucinations, drugs or any similar substance impairing his/her consciousness and concentration ability;
  • againsi the customs, traffic regulations and other laws;
  • in races, rallies or any other competitions;
  • to transport people or things as a from of subrental without the Lessor’s permission;
  • to tow other trailers or other vehicles;

  • when the rented car has been damaged, stolen or lost, all or any of its part, regardless the Renter’s or the third part’s fault, the Renter will be subject to charges covering the actual repair cost up to the maximum sum of 16.000 Euro. In case of damage, theft, loss of the vehicle, all or any of its part, the Renter’s responsibility may be limited to the amount of 1.500 PLN + 22% VAT. Should the detriment be done purpose and as a result of a serious Renter’ flagrant negligence or because of Renter’s inability to drivedue to drugs or alcohol, the Renter’s responsibility is unlimited;
  • if the Renter causes a road accident and runs away from its place or does not follow his/her obligations stated in clause 5 of present Rental conditions, then his/her financial responsibility will also be unlimited;
  • the Renter is also fully responsible for all the losses or damage caused during driving the car by unauthorised person or using the car for forbidden purposes (clause 3) and by goods transported in the car or result of inappropriate use of the car;

    In case of the damage, accident or a theft the Renter must inform the Lessor and the Police immediately. The Renter has no rights to accept claims of the other party. The Renter should inform the Lessor about all damage caused by fire, theft or an accident immediately. Even when minute damage occurs, the Renter is obliged to deliver a filled accident report together with a situation outline to the Lessor. The accident report should aspecially specify names and addresses of the people involded and witnesses of the event, as well as registration numbers of the cars involded;

    The Renter acknowledges that the personal details given in the Rental agreement will be processed automatically. The Renter agrees this information may be transferred to thirt parties, especially for the purpose of credit security and/or insurance.

    The Lessor is only responsible for the losses or damage suffered by the Renter or third parties concerning the rented car or its using if the said losses or damages have been done on purpose by the Lessor or are the result of a flagrant negligence on the part of the Lessor. The Lessor is not responsible for any other even and the Renter will not attempt to make the Lessor responsible for such claims.

    The Lessor warrants insurance according to the civil responsibility insurance Polisy only to those who use the vehicle with the Lessor’s approval.

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